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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Fall, with its tapestry of golden yellows, burnt oranges, and deep reds, is undeniably a sight for sore eyes. It's that magical time of the year when everything looks like it's been plucked straight out of a postcard. The crisp air, neither too hot nor too cold, makes it the quintessential season for relaxation, exploration, and snapping those Instagram-worthy shots.

Imagine taking long hikes, feeling the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, exploring museums rich in history, or simply taking leisurely strolls in the park, all while wrapped in the embrace of autumn's beauty. If you're nodding in agreement, Haliburton might just be the fall destination of your dreams!

Why Haliburton?

Nestled amidst the rich hues of the season, Haliburton offers a myriad of activities tailor-made for fall. Dive deep into nature with canoeing adventures at Algonquin Park or embark on a unique experience with smartphone audio driving tours between Gravenhurst & Toronto or Bracebridge & Toronto.

Top Attractions in Haliburton:

  • Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve

  • Haliburton Sculpture Forest

  • Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre

  • Haliburton Skyline Park

  • Abbey Gardens

  • Haliburton Highlands Museum

  • Haliburton Highlands Brewery

But, what's a vacation without some pampering? Indulging in a spa retreat during fall is arguably the best way to truly relax. Imagine steaming saunas, bubbling hot tubs, BBQ evenings, and cozy nights with board games – the essence of a perfect fall getaway.

Let's Dive into Our Cottages:

  • Heaven House: Ideal for nature enthusiasts and large family gatherings. Encircled by deep woods, it offers an immersive forest experience. Enjoy attractions like Sir Sams Ski Hill, Eagle Lake Beach, and Winterdance Dog Sledding. Amenities include two types of saunas, a hot tub, and a collection of board games.

  • Paradise Retreat: Tailored for families, especially those with young kids and teens. Boasting a classic Canadian interior, its proximity to attractions like the Wolf Center and Abbey Gardens is a plus. A massive fireplace, hot tub, BBQ deck, and fire circle are just a few of its many offerings.

  • GrassLake Maison: The go-to for lake lovers and those seeking a spa-like experience. Overlooking a picturesque lake, it's close to attractions like Sir Sams Ski Hill and the Wolf Center. With a hot tub offering lake views, a wooden sauna, table games, and a dedicated workspace, it truly has something for everyone.

To sum it up, whether you're a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or just someone looking to relax, Hidden Hideouts has a range of cottages ready to make your fall dreams come true. Dive into the season with us!

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